Aspects Of Body Image

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Body image is the perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception. These feelings can be positive, negative or both and are influenced by individual and environmental factors.Many modern celebrities are known for being excessive sharers on social media.
For instance, the Kardashians are notorious for posting daily glamorous and often lingerie clad images on Instagram that attract several million likes.But it’s not just images of attractive celebrities that flood social media. Friends, acquaintances and strangers post images of themselves too, often editing them to disguise face blemishes, make cheeks rosier or to make their nose look smaller.When people look at these attractive images on social media, research shows they often compare their own appearance to those images and think they’re less attractive than the images they see.We know these comparisons can make women unhappy with their appearance and put them in a bad mood. Given body dissatisfaction is an important predictor for eating disorders, we need to know if some types of comparisons are worse for people’s body image than others. ("Instagram Feeds Do More Damage to Body Image Than Billboards: Study")

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The four aspects of body image
1. How you see your body is your perceptual body image. This is not always a correct representation of how you actually look. For example, a person may perceive themselves as overweight when they are actually
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