Aspects Of Education Voucher Programs

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International experiences of education vouchers implementation and outcomes Chile The education voucher system was introduced in Chile in 1980, as part of an overall government free market package introduction. This approach included fully subsidised, privately run and unregulated voucher schools introduced within the system. These schools could ultimately compete with municipality-run public schools in all middle class and low-income metropolitan neighborhoods. Evidence on the outcomes of the voucher program indicated there was some significant social and economic issues resulting. Firstly, total spending on education (including parental contributions) fell. ‘In 1985, the federal contribution was 80% of total educational spending, and…show more content…
It has been reported that the effects after 3 years of operation, lottery (voucher) winners generally had better educational outcomes than losers. Although, schooling completion rates were not significantly increased with voucher holders only one-tenth more likely to remain in school The voucher system in Colombia was discontinued from 1998 with the current government of the time indicating there was no measure of effectiveness of the program. Sweden Sweden introduced a system of school vouchers in 1992 across both primary and secondary schools. The vouchers provided free choice for families to send their children to publicly or privately run schools. Public funding from each municipality was then directed to schools based on their numbers of students. Sweden's voucher policy allowed more accessibility of students to independently run private schools. Since introduction, however, Carnoy indicates the original Swedish voucher model was replaced by direct subsidies regulated by municipalities. While the voucher system was introduced to improve school quality and enhanced social equity, it is not clear that these outcomes have been achieved. While there is no direct evidence that links the move of student to privately run schools with a fall in educational outcomes; it is clear that overall Swedish international education test scores have fallen since 2000 in the PISA test . Hong Kong Hong Kong introduced an early childhood education voucher system (the
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