Aspects Of Operations And Technology Strategy

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Many aspects of operations and technology strategy are very interesting. From theories on how to improve production time to reducing waste to an appropriate level, operations and technology strategies are ever-present in the day to day processes of a business. Many of these aspects of operations management involve manufacturing but can also be applied to the service industry as well. For example, just-in-time is useful in the service industry because it can help a company “increase quality, worker involvement, and worker morale while decreasing inventory levels, lead times, throughput times, defects, and ultimately, costs” (Inman & Mehra, 1991, p. 16). Just-in-time processes can also include a kanban subsystem, which uses visual cues as a method of providing a service. The concept of lean manufacturing can also be applied to the service industry because it expands upon the ideas of just-in-time to ensure that every step of the process that can add value does exactly that and the number of non-value adding steps are limited. These three techniques which are often thought of as processes for manufacturing can also be used and applied to the service industry as well. The main aspects of just-in-time processes include limiting waste and efficient use of resources within the supply chain (Inman, Sale, Green, & Whitten, 2011, p. 343). Just-in-time looks at what the firm can do to minimize waste within the company and use the resources to the firm in the best possible way. This…
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