Aspects Of Organized Crime

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Organized crime (attributes)
Organized crime is criminal activity conduct by a group. These organizations have 8 attributes to help them achieve their goals. The first attribute is the absences of a political goal. Secondly the group has a hierarchical from there is a boss, captain, lieutenant, and members. Next these organizations have limited or exclusive membership and only let in individuals known to the organization. Another attribute of the organized crime is that it constitutes a unique subculture of crime. A different attribute is that it perpetuates itself. Furthermore, organized crime is monopolistic they control whatever crime they decided and if someone else competes against them on their turf they will take care of the individual. In addition organizations involved in organized crime will usually exhibit a willingness to use violence. The final attribute is that organized crime organizations are governed by their own set of rules and regulations. These attributes are what allow organized crime groups to be self-sustaining.
Prohibition was passed through the 18th amendment in 1919 and was designed to improve and protect the lives of all Americans in the 20th century. The start of prohibition came about when a group of Protestants and catholic women started to complain about the evils of alcohol and how it can have a negative effect on individuals. Its goal was to prohibit the manufacturing, consumption, and distribution of intoxicating substances.
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