Aspects Of Romanticism

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Aspects of romanticism

The main aspects of Romantic literature focuses on emotions and the narrator’s inner world, celebrating nature, beauty and most importantly imagination. This literatic era rejects everything that has to do with rationalism, religion or industrialization which were very important in the 1800s, however, not liked much by literary figures. Many poems which were written after the late 1700s reflect on the elements of romanticism. The experimental language and the interest in nature, spiritual elements and free mind shows through. Romanticism was not only a style in literature but a genre and a movement which was a foundation to our modern world.

The word “romantic” means something different in nowadays than it used
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Hemans was a wife, a mother and an excellent poetess. As the typical theme for the Romantic era Hemans also commented on the social structure and political situations. Her famous poem “Casabianca” tells the (true) story of a young and brave boy who suffered the consequences of the long war between England and France. The story relates to an extraordinary incident of devotion and heroism witnessed during the Battle of the Nile. Hemans looks into the human costs of this war and summarizes it into an immensely emotional poem. This poem has many powerful imagery which makes the reader empathic and passionate. On the other hand, Romantic poetry was also full of nature scenes and landscapes, so is “Casabianca”. This is what makes these poems so powerful, the strong portrayal of nature and the representation of events. The poem starts with an imagery of the boy standing on the burning deck near the battle:
“The boy stood on the burning deck Whence all but he had fled;
The flame that lit the battle 's wreck Shone round him o 'er the dead.”

Hemans wrote how everyone else was gone except for the young and brave boy who stand on his post, however, he was afraid and wanted to leave; he called out to his father multiple times which makes the poem full of sentiment. His loud cries and the imagery of the burning deck increases the nervous emotions in the reader.

“ 'Speak, father! ' once again he cried, 'If
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