Aspects of Community Care

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The aim of this essay is to explore an aspect of care that a client group receives whilst in the community setting. The chosen aspect of care will be palliative care delivered to those patients who have been told they have a non-curative illness but are not yet at the end of life. The stage of the illness of the client group chosen is one where the patient is managed at home because there as there is nothing anyone can do to make things better (Calman-Hine Report 1998). The essay will also briefly describe three different professional groups involved in providing palliative care. It will then go on to discuss how good communication and collaborative working between these professional can provide the best quality of care of the patient and…show more content…
Furthermore it specifically highlights that “Effective communication between sectors is imperative in achieving the best possible care” and that “Good communication between professionals and patients is especially important”. The report expands on the aspect of communication stating: “The importance of communication, appropriate in time and content, between primary care, and the specialist services can not be over-estimated. Any changes in patient management should be made known to all involved in their care. As with referral, local procedures for this need to be established” (4.6.7) Furthermore the document discusses the need for Primary Health Care Teams to ensure that “key specialist services are notified of clinical changes prior to the next patient contact (4.6.9) to ensure continuity of care is achieved”. In the authors placement area she feels there is a lack of communication between different members of the professionals that have been mentioned in the essay. There seems to be no structure mechanism to be able to pass on information of patients, the opportunity to communicate with the GP is limited to casual encounters in the reception area of the practice. The author did question the District Nurse about this who also felt there was problem with the lack of communication with
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