Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business

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Introduction United Kingdom has three legal systems. English law applied in England and Wales and Northern Ireland Law applied in Northern Ireland. English law can be determines as an art, and it is described as having its own legal doctrine, distinct from civil law. A contract is a written agreement with terms and conditions. The signing parties should observe the terms and conditions until the expiration of the contract, or end date (Business Dictionary, 2013). The first requirement for making a contract is an offer. It is a promise by the offeror to do something and to pay the price of the offer. There are at least two parties of the contract and different types of contract. It depends of the needs of the parties. LO…show more content…
The elements of tort of negligence are duty of care, breach and damages. Contractual liability is an obligation assumed by all of the parties of the contract under the term of this contract (Business Dictionary, 2013). In this case Adam can refuse to pay the reward because he withdrawn the advertisement with immediate effect and he doesn’t have any official contract with Brian. Their contract is not signed and the terms and conditions are determined by Adam. The ad is in the newspaper, this is not a contract between them and the unique part of this is Adam. Conclusion The law defenses the interests and the rights of all participants in the contract. There are a lot of terms and conditions it the different types of contract. The parties should approve and know them and to make sure that are agreed with them. The most secured way for the parties of the contract is to sign it and to make it official. In this case they will have equal rights. They can be defense in case of breach of the contract and can be protected by the law, as well. When all the parties of the contracts are protected they can work more efficient each other and the business will work well and will develop very fast. References: 1.Atiyah, P. (1995) An introduction of the Law of Contract. 5 th edition. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 0-19-825953-0 2..Business Dictionary, 2013. [Online].

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