Aspects of Contracts

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.1 Explain the importance of the essential elements required for the formation of a valid contract in the following situations: P1.1 1. Temporary daily wages Worker doing work and following instructions from the supervisor 2. Tenant staying in an apartment 3. Contractor working on project site 4. Customer in an Amusement Park 5. Buyer and Seller of Consumer Product like Body Lotion Guidelines: You need to specify the essentials of the contract like written terms, verbal, implied etc, terms & conditions, validity, the area of application, acceptance & intent in each situation to achieve P1.1 1.2 Discuss the impact of the contract on the parties who have signed it and also on the others P1.2 Guidelines: You need to…show more content…
“ The contractor has completed just 85% of the work as certified by the Works Manager and due to this RTA has not been able to complete the Metro station work at Jebel Ali terminal. Explain the application of this term of the contract and evaluate the other impacts to the parties and third parties the people of Dubai. P2.2 2.3 Evaluate the effects of the following terms in the contract between Owner and Contractor of a Project P2.3 a) Owner/Contractor agreement b) Witnesseth c) Contract documents d) scope of services e) contract price f) progress payments g) contractor affidavit h) owner’s representatives/lender’s agents i) changes in the work j) fines k) termination of agreement l) arbitration m) assignment of contract Guideline: You can refer to appendix A attached at the end of the sheet Assignment Guidelines: Merit: To achieve M3 your responses to the tasks in the assignment should illustrate logical, structured and coherent approach and use accurate technical language Distinction: To achieve D1, show synthesis in generating and justifying your decisions in the case studies and the scenarios throughout the assignment Appendix A OWNER/CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT THIS CONTRACT made this 21st day of October, 2011, by and between NakeelLLC hereinafter called “Owner” and AL Tawir hereinafter called the “Contractor.” WITNESSETH: That the Owner and the Contractor, for the considerations hereinafter
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