Aspects of Human Resource Management

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Aspects of Human Resource Management

The main focus of Human Resource Management is personnel and how they can be best utilized to accomplish the mission of the organization based on several aspects of the department. These aspects are Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, Human Resource Planning, Execution and Selection, Human Resources Development, Compensation and Benefits, Safety and Health, and Employee and Labor Relations. Each area serves a dual purpose of helping the employer provide a better environment to their employees and ensure the success of the company. This paper will reflect on each aspect of human resource management and discuss how they work together to perform the primary function. Almost all aspects of
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When the organization invests in improving the knowledge and skills of their employees, the investment is returned in the form of productivity and effective employees. As time passes and technology changes the role of training and development programs will be transformed. As employees, we need to be flexible and partake in continuous learning. Also, updating your skill set will be critical to your personal and professional success. In order to measure the effectiveness of training, there are several steps you can take to ensure it works. The first step would be to ask for feedback from the employees once training has been conducted. If the training does not pertain to the actual job or is lacking pertinent information the employees’ feedback can help improve the training. The next measure to take to test the effectiveness of training is to administer a pre-test and post-test and compare the results. The pre-test will tell you how much knowledge the employee started with, and how much they really learned from the training at the end will be revealed with the post-test. The last step is to observe an employee work to see if what they learned in training is actually being applied to the job.
Everyone has their own reason for working and money is usually the most important factor because it pays the bills. However, employee benefits are equally as
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