Aspects of Research

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Understanding what research is in the first place aids in the knowing what its key aspects are. Understanding entails critically going through the various definitions of research to see some similarities regarding what research seems to address. It must also be taken into consideration that there are types of research that exist for example historical research, artistic research, and scientific research (Wikipedia, 2010).
To look into the definitions of research, we would start with the recommended book for this module – Projects in Computing and Information Systems (second edition) by Christian Dawson (2009). The definition found in this book even though it is a definition by the Higher Education Funding Council for England
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Dawson, 2009). The difference in approach could be in the form of use of different tools, techniques, and utilization of available data just to mention a few. With a vast number of fields of study and quite a number of researchers investigating into those fields, originality in the form of doing what has never been done can be of importance to world knowledge even though it seems to be the most difficult type of research to embark on as far as originality is concerned.

Methodology or Systematic
Research is not something that is done without consideration of the existing knowledge about the subject in question, methods of going about the research and so on. The process in which research is done methodological therefore knowledge about how to go about it is important. A very good example of this is the Research Methods Training which we currently undergoing in order to understand how to go about research as far as the Dissertation module is concerned.

Contribution (Knowledge)
Knowledge is a high level of understanding of things (C. Dawson, 2009). It is the use of information obtained from data in understanding ‘why’ or ‘how’ certain things happen. Even though it reflects a personal interpretation of what is obtained from information, knowledge in the world can be seen in books, journals, models, theories and concepts. Adding to
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