Aspects of Several Theories of Education

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There are several theories of education. There are teacher centered and student centered ones, each one has its pros and cons. Educators use all different kinds of philosophy, many even combine philosophies. .After researching and observing different ways of teaching I have found I like a lot of them but only few aspects of each. I do believe in a student centered atmosphere so Progressivism and Reconstructionism are most logical choices. Progressivism focuses on the students benefits, this theory allows for greater student involvement, which I find to be a very important aspect. I believe it also hinders there learning, this theory overprotects students too much. When they reach the next grade or transfer schools they are unprepared for the harsher ways of learning. So I do not believe this method should be as a whole. I would use certain features in my classroom. There is also Reconstructionism which promotes social progress but this only focuses on developing an improved world. People say its student based but I believe that its more teachers based because it tries to turn student into socially reformed adults. It doesn’t focus on each child but rather the whole group. I would not use this theory in my classroom. I think the best student centered philosophy is Constructivism. This theory emphasized hands on learning. Students are activity participating in class. In my observation, I saw constructivism working on real students. I believe this is one of the most
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