Aspects of a Good Game

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Games have been enjoyed for generations, whether they are board games, computer games or console games. However, to succeed in making a good game, it must be enjoyable and must include many different aspects. Through researching, several of the most common and important aspects that a game should have to include to be a ‘good game’ have been found. The most regularly mentioned aspects of what makes a ‘good game’ are:
• Challenge/Reward
• Freedom
• Experience
• Place/Feel
• Story
Challenge should be implemented in every game to make it more exciting and engage the player more. They should not be impossible although should be difficult enough to make the player think and construct a strategy or method to surpass them. Challenge should often come with a reward for completing them so that the player will feel more motivated to complete them.
Rather than just points, money etc. as rewards; rewards such as new abilities, a new part of the map to explore, a new item or even a new task can be given. These rewards are motivating and also help to keep the player enjoying the game through side quests/challenges, instead of just playing the game to win.
Freedom includes the range of different choices and paths that can be made to complete an objective. For example, going through the front door can attract a lot of attention while the side door will not. You can choose whether you want a huge gunfight between you and the enemy or rather take a stealthy approach.
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