Aspen Skiing Company Alliance with Greenpeace

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Aspen Skiing Company is being drawn into a risky alliance with Greenpeace led “Kleercut” about boycotting Kimberly-Clark industries. This report will focus on the major stakeholders involved in this case and my personal action plans to help avoided a negative backlashing from the environmental groups and the public. What is a stakeholder? Business Today defined Stakeholder as “A person, group or organization that has interest or concern about an organization.” ( paragraph 1) In this case, the key stakeholders are Aspen Skiing Company and Kimberly-Clark industries. The boycott was about how Kimberley-Clark industries engaged in sub-stranded environmental practices. Basically the company was green washing the industry; by proclaiming it was an environmental friendly company, while at the same time destroying the forest trees in other countries. ASC (Aspen Skiing Company) annual profit around 9 billion dollars a year. It’s the front runner in environmental movement within the ski industry. It was gaining respect in the environmental community. It was the firsts ski resort to buy into renewable power and took care of replanting its natural surroundings. It’s CEO Pat O’Donnell was the former president of an environmental education center. ASC was spending billions of dollars to find way to cut down on destroying their natural surrounding Joining the Boycott was a risky move for ASC. Even though, it was the leader in the environmental movement, the

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