Asperger 's Syndrome Among Other Autistic Spectrum Disorders

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Asperger’s Syndrome among other Autistic Spectrum Disorders The autism spectrum disorder is neurobehavioral deterioration that involves language developmental disorder combined with low social interaction skills and repetitive behaviors. The severity of the disorder varies from mild, moderate, and severe, and the diagnosis tends to be changeable according to several factors such as the severity and the kind of therapy that the child received during early years. There is an increased prevalence of the disorder among children within the last decade. “More recent estimates range from about 30 in 10,000 to one in 68.refrences to an autism epidemic appear to have originated in a 2002 California legislative report suggesting a 273% increase…show more content…
The Pervasive Developmental Disorder, which many experts argue to change the name to High- Functioning Autism, and Asperger’s syndrome are similar to the point that it is hard to distinguish between the two of them. In this research, I will elaborate on the Asperger’s syndrome in terms of diagnosis, therapy and how to distinguish the Asperger’s among the other disorders. Asperger’s was first recognized by Hans Asperger in 1944 and Leo Kanner in 1943 as a developmental disorder; however, it was reintroduced again in 1981 “since Wing’s (1981) introduced to Hans Asperger’s seminal work of 1944, and since inclusion of the disorder as a diagnostic category in Diagnostic and statistical Mantel disorders-Fourth Edition “(Myles 130). Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis rely on the following criteria: 1- “Restricted repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior” (Khouzam et al. 186) such as being fully attracted to one pattern of activities, and having difficulties of changing these rigid models of behavior and interests. 2- Imperfections in social interactions such as difficulties in making friends and low understanding of non-verbal communications.3- Appearance of any other important developmental delays, such as occupational defects. The Asperger’s syndrome differentiates in developing appropriate language; “Cognitive development and age appropriate self-help skills and adaptive behavior are not clinically significantly delayed” (Khozam et al.187). In
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