Aspergers Syndrome Essay

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Asperger’s Syndrome In today’s society, Asperger’s Syndrome is being talked about, and seen, more than ever, from television shows, such as Parenthood, to magazine articles, and of course in the inclusive classroom. Throughout this paper we will be looking at where Asperger’s Syndrome originated, some of the characteristics and causes, as well as ways in which teachers and parents can better deal with a child that has Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s Syndrome is found under Autistic Spectrum Disorders which has certain determined types of developmental delays such as social interaction, communication, and stereotypic behavior. Under ASD you will also find disorders such as Rett’s Disorder, Childhood Disintegration Disorder, and…show more content…
The difference for Asperger’s parents is that they tend not the expert on their child, making the child the expert on themselves in order to “reach some semblance of attunement with him and to maintain equilibrium”(Gould, K., Fantasy Play as the Conduit for Change in the Treatment of a Six-Year-Old Boy With Asperger’s Syndrome). In an article by Katherine Gould, she believes that children with Asperger’s have the desire to attach, but are unable to because their mothers were unable to relieve distress and restore a desired affective state through soothing, so the child is motivated to soothe their self. Not being able to soothe your child can lead to attachment problems for both parent and child. Children who are unable to attach, end up being unregulated, impulse ridden, angry, and powerless, making it virtually impossible to function correctly in the social world. Another problem parents face with Asperger’s is misdiagnoses. “ With easier access to information assisted by the Internet, not infrequently a parent will simply inform the clinician that their child fits all essential criteria of the disorder, and that they are just seeking an official validation of the diagnosis” (Stiefel, I., Shields, A. K., Swain, M. A., & Innes, W. R., Asperger’s Coming Out of Our Ears: Making Sense of a Modern Epidemic). Being
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