Asperger’s Syndrome: Madness, Savantism, or Genius

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. Asperger’s Syndrome: Madness, Savantism, or Genius? Marilou Bauer Ottawa University Physiological Psychology PSY 31354 Dr. John Papazafiropoulos June 11, 2012 Asperger’s Syndrome: Madness, Savantism or Genius? Everyone knows, or has known, a person that could be described as a little “off”, “quirky”, or “eccentric”. That was the person who was socially inept, shy, studious, and may have had a stutter. They might have had an artistic talent, or may have seemed almost a “genius” in mathematics or science. More than likely, that person was considered a “geek” or “nerd”. That person may have had a mild form of high functioning autism called Asperger’s syndrome, and they might not have known it until recently. Asperger’s…show more content…
However there is evidence that people are being diagnosed with this condition even though they have no problem with learning how to speak fluently and/or they have a high verbal IQ. Recommendations for several revisions in the listing and diagnostic criteria have been made, for the fifth revised issue of the DSM, that are causing quite a bit of controversy and could result in Asperger’s syndrome either being “subsumed under the category of ‘autism spectrum disorder’ or becoming a separate condition from autism (Chew, 2010). The Genius of Asperger’s Syndrome People with this disorder are affected in different ways. The strengths of Asperger’s, according to James, include “the ability to think in unusual and enriching ways, concentration for long periods of time on a single activity, sole attention to a task and persistence with it far beyond the point at which other people would have given up” (2006, p. 11).
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