Asperger's Syndrome Essay

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Hans Asperger, a pediatrician from Austria, began to study a group of children at his clinic in 1944. He noticed that the young boys he was studying were clumsy, lacked social skills, and did not understand nonverbal communication. Asperger’s syndrome (AS), named after Doctor Hans Asperger, is a developmental disorder. Research by Woodbury-Smith and Volkmar (2009), claim that AS was originally thought of as a less severe form of Autism, in which the individual has higher linguistic ability but still lacks social skills. Many researches now consider AS an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However, it is disputed amongst researchers as to whether it is explicit from High Functioning Autism (HFA). Many characteristics of AS and HFA are …show more content…
In an early scene, Adam makes Beth uncomfortable by asking if she was sexually excited during a moment in the park together. When she is visibly startled by his question, he then tells her about having AS and how the disorder makes it difficult for him to understand other people’s thoughts. Adam explains his “mind blindness”, and how originally he believed that people felt the same way he felt all of the time, but he learned to ask in order to know what another person is thinking. Research by O’Connor (2007) indicates that this is very common for adults with AS. Like Adam, the results of O’Connor’s research show that adults with AS also had difficulty distinguishing facial and vocal expressions, especially when they were incongruent from one another. In her research, it was shown that adults with AS were able to identify isolated emotional expressions such as facial cues with relative ease, but struggled much more when pairing facial cues with contrasting tones of voice. It is also stated that the grouping of contrasting expressions may make it more difficult for social interaction (O’Connor, 2007, p. 2012).
Through vignettes, the audience quickly learns Adam’s day-to-day habits. It is observed that he follows a ritualistic pattern nearly each day, eats the exact same foods, and has a deep fascination with space. Keeping repetitive manners and concentrated interests in certain subjects
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