Assassin Segmentation

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Our efficiency in preparation would soon reflect into our audience’s response, especially with the delightfully booming amount of responses received the first day we opened our registration to the public. On April 24, we used Noah as a test registration before opening the registration to the public the following day, this still meant that there was one less person in the market. Then, on April 25, we opened registration to the public and informed them of it through an advisory announcement for the sophomore and junior classes and a morning email to all. Since our group was one of the first to start advertising, we had little to no competition for our target market at first. As we had expected, a large number of 48 registrations came in due…show more content…
The responders were asked to check all that applied to them and were presented with the options: email, morning announcements, advisory, flyers, friends/other people, and other. Keeping in mind that the time of their registration may have affected how they heard of the game, our group members collected the following data. From sending out mass emails to our target audience of the high school population of OI, we reached 86 out of the 112 registries this way. Then, 13 out of 112 people said they heard about the Assassin’s Challenge through morning announcements done by Audra and Kinzy on Tuesday and Wednesday. 21 people said they had heard of our game through the advisory announcement put into the sophomore and junior powerpoints shown Monday mornings. Only 14 people who had registered had heard of our game through flyers which were in halls and buildings used by high schoolers. Our second largest form of advertisement was from the audience itself, 59 people said that they had heard about our game from friends or other people. That’s over half the amount of registries being informed through the power of word-of-mouth communication. Then a final 12 responses saying they had heard of the Assassin’s Challenge through other means. This data concludes that mass emails and word-of-mouth communication were the two most effective means of advertising, supporting Gladwell’s
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