Assassination Of Jfk 's Assassination

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On the 20th of January 1961, the United States of America elected their 35th President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. However, two years later, he was assassinated. The assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested 70 minutes after the assassination. There have been numerous debates over the last 55 years regarding this incident. Many people claim there is a conspiracy behind the case, allowing various conspiracy theories to emerge over the years. One specific theory is about how the mafia was involved with JFK’s assassination.

In 1963, the USA Presidential elections were approaching and so JFK and his wife Jacqueline travelled to Dallas, Texas to campaign. On the day of JFK’s assassination, specifically the 22nd of November 1963, JFK, his wife
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It also concluded that Jack Ruby worked alone when he assassinated Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin, was caught at a movie theatre. Before he could be questioned, Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby, nightclub owner, in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters, while being led to a car, which was to transport him to the local county jail. This left the case unsolved as Oswald was not questioned properly. Ruby claimed he was distraught about the President’s death and that he did not want Mrs Kennedy to go through pain at the trial of Oswald, which was his reason for killing Oswald. This raised questions as Ruby was seen with Oswald various times, proving that Ruby and Oswald were acquaintances, and that Ruby may have had another motive for killing Oswald.

Ruby owned The Carousel, which is where Oswald was seen a few days before the assassination. Bill Demar, one of the MCs at The Carousel, identified Oswald as a regular patron at the place. Other workers at The Carousel supported this argument including Harvey Wade, Wally Weston, Janet Conforto and Beverly Oliver. Oliver confirmed that she had once seen Conforto, Ruby and Oswald sitting together. She was then introduced to Oswald by Ruby as his ‘friend’. Oswald also had many connections to the Mafia, especially crime boss, Carlos Marcello. During the time Oswald lived in New Orleans, he lived with the Dutz Murret family, Dutz Murret
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