Assassination of John F. Kennedy: Truth or Conspiracy

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The twenty-four-year-old man eagerly stared down at the street below through the scope mounted on his Italian-made, bolt action, 6.5 caliber rifle until his target appeared. John F. Kennedy was in Dallas, Texas, to campaign ahead of the 1964 election. Lee Harvey Oswald, “a twenty-four-year-old drifter,” was the shooter that ended John F. Kennedy’s life on November 22, 1963. He acted alone to end the life of the United States President that many Americans believed had the potential to be great. At the age of only 46, the life of this energetic President had been abruptly ended by the act of a lone sniper. Despite the fact that this highly esteemed President died so brutally and unexpectedly, his legacy and call for change has not been…show more content…
Kennedy heard the noise followed by a “cry from Governor Connally, which caused her to look to her right.” As she turned to her right, she saw a pained look on her husband’s face as he raised his hands to his throat. The second shot had entered President Kennedy’s back and passed through his throat before exiting. The bullet did not strike any bones as it passed through Kennedy’s body. After exiting the President’s neck the bullet entered Governor Connally’s back and exited the front of his chest. The bullet continued through the Governor’s right wrist and entered his left thigh before stopping. An autopsy of the President’s body later “disclosed that, after entering the President, the bullet passed through two large muscles, . . . bruised the top portion of the right lung and ripped the windpipe” before exiting. Though a serious injury that was caused by the actions of the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, this shot was not the fatal shot that ended the life of President John F. Kennedy. At this time the third shot struck the President. Governor Connally, who had lain down in his wife’s lap after getting hit in the back, heard the bullet as it “crashed through the back of Kennedy’s skull.” The three examining pathologists who performed the autopsy of President Kennedy concluded that, “the smaller hole in the rear of the President’s skull was the point of entry and that the large opening on the right side of his head was the wound of exit.” The third and final
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