Assassinations And Targeting Assassinations By Michael Walzer

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Assassinations and targeted killings have been topics vastly debated around the world throughout history. As a matter of fact, this matter can be discussed through the eyes of Michael Walzer from a just war theory perspective. This viewpoint can be used in order to explain just assassinations of political and military leaders as well as other individuals. For example, a person can be the victim of targeted killings if their death would result in less future violence or warfare. However, the individual must pose an imminent threat, capture is not feasible, and the operation is executed in observance of the applicable laws of war. Yet the burden of proof and responsibility resides with those in highest power since it is their duty to maintain order among everyone below them. As a result, only those in power can decide who is assassinated and for what reason. All arguments against this belief can be annihilated by the fact that targeted killing will lower the chances of further combatant and civilian casualties. Ultimately, just assassination or targeted killing are blameless if the outcome will create less vehemence.
Walzer’s just war theory is clearly put into contention with the notion of assassination. Assassination programs have often been secretly accepted and employed by states throughout the centuries. Appeal to this topic is often to a higher value such as self-defense, killing a target guilty of war crimes, or removing a threat to peace and stability. On grounds of

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