Assassinations : Assassinations And Assassinations

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An assassination refers to the action of killing a person secretly or suddenly. The term is often used in regard to the killing of prominent people mainly due strong political differences and ambitions. The killing is usually deliberate and ‘hit men’ are used to accomplish the job. Hit men refer to persons who are employed to kill.
Assassinations have not surfaced recently but they have been carried out for a long time in the past. Early assassinations can even be read in the bible. In the bible Cain was the first person in the world to commit an assassination by killing his brother Abel. There are many plots throughout its history that depict assassinations. Another example is the plot by King Saul of Israel who plotted to assassinate David, a descendant of Jesse who was to succeed him. It is the first instance that we find assassinations for political gain. Outside the bible assassinations have been carried out in most of the political empires of the world. From the stabbing of the Julius Caesar to the shooting of Mahatma Gandhi I am going to give a detailed visit to the history of assassinations throughout the world.
In referring to the history of the assassinations we first need to consider a case of assassination in the Roman Empire. Assassinations were used as a crude method in the past to ascend to power and many plots were often carried out. Julius Caesar was one of the three leaders of the Roman Empire. When
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