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1. After watching the video, I believe that the shooting was unjustified in a sense because the cop could have used his knowledge to defend himself in a different way. I do not believe that in the police academy, they say to shoot a person right away after being assaulted. It was obvious that the man was drunk and had no gun, so he decided to go grab another weapon instead to injure the officer. From my perspective, it looks like the cop was very scared and caught off guard to where he decided to use the gun he had in his hand without acting appropriately and fast. The cop had grabbed the gun from his pocket immediately as the drunk man ran away and seemed ready to use the gun. To me, this cop looked like an amateur and not equipped to think accordingly during this incident.

a) In regards to the witness's response during the officer's shooting, I do not believe he was a reliable witness. He seemed
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First off, he should have only had the gun out for a last resort. He saw that the man was intoxicated and a high risk man so he should have either gone back to his vehicle to call for back up or tried to detain the man on his own with pepper spray or a taser. The office looked like he did not know how to handle that situation and in that sense he should have not been an officer in the first place. You need to be able to assess every situation differently and be able to quickly come up with a resolution. I'm sure in the police force they do not say "use your gun out of fear," they provide honorable people with a gun because they believe they are capable of using it in the correct way. Not only in this situation but all situations, I feel like they need to better understand the purpose of a gun. Even if he did shoot him, he could have done it somewhere where he wasn't going to kill the man. Also, by shooting a round twice it shows that his intent was to injure the man and not to just disarm
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