Assault Fitness Website Analysis

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Assault Fitness: Assault Fitness is family owned and operated company located in Carlsbad, CA. They are on a mission to create the highest quality and most durable fitness equipment on the market. They are in direct competition with us as they sell the Assault Airbike and coming soon is the Assault AirRunner, knock off on the Woodway Curve.
Website: Their website is poor to say the least. Their website does not have great functionality and their tabs are little cluttered. The biggest thing is their website homepage is very dark, which makes it looks outdated and is not consistent with the rest of their website. There is also no feature on their website (video) or gallery or information of where they are located. Additionally, they have a terrible
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The videos that are on display are their best, which are clear advertising campaigns. They do have product videos, but they could do a better job of promoting them.
Facebook: Matrix has a strong following on Facebook, 7,048 likes. Matrix does not share any videos from fans like Woodway does and this makes the page appear to be more commercialized and not as engaging with their audience. They do post a solid mix of content, which include articles about their products, videos displaying the products, and photos of new locations with their products. Matrix does get a large share of interaction on their posts, which is largely due to their effective and consistent number of shares on their posts.
Twitter: Matrix does not have a direct link from their website to Twitter. They do not have a local twitter account, but they do have a Matrix Fitness UK account. This Twitter account does a phenomenal job of exposing who they are and who they work with. They highlight their athletes that use their products, partners and still make sure to include what they are currently doing (Elevate Arena Tradeshow). Additionally, they do a nice job of posting regularly and highlighting their blog and their YouTube
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They are much more active in engaging their fans and a large share of their posts are reposts from fans working out on their equipment. They are improving in ways to change their message up on various platforms. However, they were not perfect in this sometimes posting the exact same post on Facebook and Instagram.
YouTube: Their YouTube page has a very solid mix of content. They have videos talking about how to use various apps on their console display, how to do specific workouts with their products, other how to videos, the company at tradeshows and clear advertisement campaigns. Their promotional videos are well done and have a large amount of views because of it. They do a great job of promoting these key
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