Assembling and Preparing a Portfolio

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Reflections Upon the Portfolio Experience Assembling and preparing a portfolio for any discipline can be a daunting experience. Preparing a portfolio means that there needs to be substantial evidence of the person's practice and skills developing. At the start of the portfolio experience, I felt both nervousness and determination. I knew the portfolio had to be done and I knew I wanted my portfolio to make me proud as well as score high with my instructor. I felt nervous because I put extra pressure on myself to perfect my work and eradicate any errors or flaws that were unintended or out of my control. Now that my portfolio has been completed, I am experiencing a few different emotions. I am feeling a sense of relief, as it was a big project that demanded a lot of my time, attention, focus, and effort, and now all that is over! There is a feeling of relaxation and letting go now that the portfolio is finished. The portfolio did not turn out exactly as I expected partially because I did not know quite what to expect. I had ideas of what I wanted my portfolio to be and not to be. I felt confident that I knew the direction my portfolio would take, but creating any portfolio is a bit of a creative endeavor. With creative activities, there is never 100% certainty of the final product. We just have to have a direction, have drive, do our best, and then hope for the best, not settling for less. With my portfolio completed, I have a feeling in security in my work, my
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