Assembly Line Essay

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Raul Contreras
History 18
November 18, 2009
Assembly line From the beginning of times, most markets and products have been targeted to the bourgeoisie and/or anyone who could easily afford these products. But in the early 1900’s, an individual named Henry Ford, decided to change this idea and dared society to work for the success of the proletariat and the lowering of costs. Henry Ford, along with other individuals, created the highly praised “moving assembly line” and started the mind change in the targeting of markets. The assembly line was a way in building a final product using various people that would build particular parts, and then would assemble them together as a whole; this was a success and revolutionized the world of
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As this was a popular vehicle, this model was mainly focused in the affordability and time it could be produced. Along with the idea of faster productivity and affordability, another great idea that Mr. Ford had was that if everyone earned a decent wage, and he produced more cars in less time at an affordable price, then everyone in the country would buy his cars. Focusing on the middle class clientele, their affordability, and his own workers to buy his own products, he decided to raise the workers wages from $2.50 to $5.00 overnight, virtually making him a hero to all middle class workers, because he gave the working class an open door of opportunities to grow and buy. In Henry Ford 's times, pay was presumably highly significant for job satisfaction, and people did not mind working at the assembly line if they were well paid. This was an excellent business tactic, because this triggered his workers, and other middle class people, to buy his cars. The affordability of these, and the massive demand the Model T (final mastered product), made the Ford Company massively grow in a matter of years, and helped the U.S. economy raise in an enormous way. The demand among the middle class, and affordability of products, were in fact one of the causes that drove the economy to grow in the early 1900’s, and made the assembly line successful. As business was growing, more factory workers were needed
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