Assertiveness As A Person Can Possess And Show Essay

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There are many factors of personality that a person can possess and show. Each individual person is different and has varying levels of one trait or another. The trait of assertiveness will be the focus of this paper. How the trait is defined, perspectives of the trait, the trait’s origins, advantages and disadvantages to the trait and the author’s personal opinions on the trait from experience are the specific topics that will be discussed in detail on the trait of assertiveness. Trait Definition Assertiveness can be defined in many different ways depending on the way it is being used and the purpose of the definition, but overall there are common descriptions always used to describe assertiveness. The definition of assertiveness is widely accepted as a person’s ability to maintain boundaries and express what is needed and wanted clearly. Assertiveness is also defined as a person’s ability to express emotions that they are feeling despite the consequences. (Deutschendorf, 2009) The 16PF is a personality test that examines the sixteen personality traits that Raymond B. Cattell, Maurice Tatsuoka and Herbert Eber considered the main parts of a person’s overall personality. In their test, assertiveness is associated with a person’s leadership qualities and is defined in a person as self-assured even tempered and resistant to stress. When a decision is made they do not worry about it anymore (Pearson, 2005). The five factor model for personality also defines assertiveness in

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