Assertiveness Test

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With so many personality tests out there, it is often difficult to find ones that are truly accurate. After taking this assertiveness test I was surprised to see how high my level of assertiveness was. I scored a 66/100 and was curious as to how. After further analyzing my daily habits, I realized that I am much more assertive than I originally believed. The assertiveness test concluded that I am able to speak up for myself. It stated that I rarely hesitate to address issues that I am most concerned with. This is true, seeing that in situations that I feel will impact me, I go to the root of the problem to fix it. A prime example of this includes a time in high school where a teacher had given me a grade in which I believed I did not deserve. During my senior year when I received my…show more content…
I do voice my opinion, but when others attack I tend to shut down and pull back. After the incident with the political discussion at my high school, I made sure never to mention politics again. I saw how offended everyone was, and did not want to cause unnecessary drama over it. Since then, I never really spoke out and voiced my true beliefs regarding the election. Although it is important to express your opinions and speak up against what you believe, it is hard to do so when everyone is telling you that you are wrong. This also goes for other situations in life, including following your goals and aspirations. As someone who wants to make it into the fashion industry, people are constantly bringing you down and saying that you are not good enough. This is one of the problems many are facing today, including myself. Once someone brings me down, it is difficult for me to re-gain back my self-confidence. It is much easier to tell someone to believe in themselves and not let anything stand in their way. It is another thing to actually stand back up when you fall and regain all your
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