Asses the Significance of the North African Campaign to the Allied Victory in the European War

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Conflict in Europe Asses the significance of the conflict in North Africa to allied victory in the European war. Allied victory in the North African campaign is significant for allied victory in the European war. The campaign provided the allies with major strategic and economic advantages, boosted British morale and proved Anglo-American cooperation to be successful. Additionally, conflict in North Africa also diverted substantial German and Italian resources that were needed elsewhere, thus weakening the Axis position. It is also significant that German defeat in the battle of Stalingrad on the eastern front, occurred at the same time as defeat in North Africa, further weakening the Axis powers. Italy entered the war in June, 1940,…show more content…
This victory was therefore very important in the positive psychology of war. A few days after the victory at El Alamein, Operation Torch was launched which further ruined Rommel’s chance of victory in North Africa. The operation saw 120 000 strong Anglo-American troops land in Algeria and Morocco. This was significant in boosting the morale of troops showing that allied forces could co-operate and that allied forces can work together. With the introduction of the American troops came, the new war technology and weaponry, that had previously been in Germany’s favour. When Rommel had realised he could not win at El Alamein, he sought Hitler’s permission to withdraw his troops. Hitler had refused. Rommel disobeyed and withdrew his troops anyway. By early 1943, Axis forces had retreated to Tunisia and there, outnumbered and short on resources, and caught between the British and the Americans on all sides, they surrendered and North Africa was now in control of the allies. Strategically for the allies, the North African campaign was very significant. Britain had retained control of Egypt and the Suez Canal; important as it provided a quick route to India and the Far East where allied forces were fighting the Japanese. This was particularly important as Singapore had already been lost in the Far East. The allies held the Middle-Eastern oil fields and supplies and denied Germany any access. The shortages of resources on the Axis

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