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Assessment for Learning
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In classrooms where assessment for learning is practiced, students know at the outset of a unit of study what they are expected to learn. At the beginning of the unit, the teacher will work with the student to understand what she or he already knows about the topic as well as to identify any gaps or misconceptions (initial/diagnostic assessment). As the unit progresses, the teacher and student work together to assess the student’s knowledge, what she or he needs to learn to improve and extend this knowledge, and how the student can best get to that point (formative assessment). Assessment for learning occurs at all stages of the learning process.
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The authority, which is sponsored by England’s Department for Children, Schools and Families, is responsible for national curriculum, assessment, and examinations. Their principal focus on crucial aspects of assessment for learning, including how such assessment should be seen as central to classroom practice, and that all teachers should regard assessment for learning as a key professional skill.
The Uk Assessment Reform Group (1999) identifies THE BIG 5 PRINCIPLES OF ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING 1. The provision of effective feedback to students. 2. The active involvement of students in their own learning. 3. Adjusting teaching to take account of the results of assessment. 4. Recognition of the profound influence assessment has on the motivation and self esteem of pupils, both of which are critical influences on learning. 5. The need for students to be able to assess themselves and understand
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