Assess The Difference Between A Relationship And Justin's Relationship

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I am going to be analyzing a relationship about my friend Ashley. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Justin for about six years now. They both have very busy schedules. Ashley is in college, she is trying to get into nursing school and Justin has his own startup business. They don’t see each other very much, maybe once a week. They do communicate everyday with each other through technology such as text messaging, phone calls and face time. Lately, Ashley and Justin have not seen each other in person for about 4 weeks because of their busy schedules. This has put a strain in their relationship. Ashley is starting to feel unhappy and unstable with her relationship. “The outcome falls below both CL and CLalt it’s an unhappy and unstable relationship” (Miller 2015). She has been thinking about what time of outcome is there to this relationship. There has been a lot time and a major “Investment in a present relationship, the thing one would lose if the relationship end, are…show more content…
Which can be challenging because time is the main concern with this relationship. One of the most important concept, is that there is nonverbal communication that Ashley and Justin can demonstrate. If they can predict if they are happy or not in this relationship. “On any given day 44% of us are likely to be annoyed by a lover for a friend” (Averill 1982). Overall, I think Ashley and Justin be fine going through this bump in the road. They have commit to this this relationship and want to try even harder to make things work. They both want to stay and make this a happy relationship for both of them so they have a “commitment the desire for the relationship to continue and inclination to work to maintain it” (Schoebi et al., 2012). I hope for the future they both try to make this work and have a happy health
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