Assess The Difference Between Engagement And Compliance

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It's more fun to teach engaged students and teachers always look for strategies and activities that will make students eager to learn more. But at the same time as teachers our instinct is toward greater control and students have only two reactions to control: Azzam (2014) interviewed well-known author Daniel Pink, Who claims that kids either comply or defy their teachers. We don't want students defy nor compliance. We want kids to be engaged.
In this essay I will briefly discuss differences between engagement and compliance and then some approaches regarding motivation and conclude by answering the question of whether or not it is possible to always motivate students?
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They tend to focus on the learning and even go beyond. They also demand immediate attention because of their deep connection to the subject and question.
According to Wormeli (2014) " teachers need to know that motivation is something we create with students, not something we do to them. We can control student's behaviour through rewards or threats, but we can't use those methods to motivate that student to do anything he or she doesn't already want to do".(pp. 26-31).
As teachers we should have the mindset of having a classroom culture that encourage curiosity in which students feel safe to engage in the activity or topic without fear of embarrassment or rejection. We need to design classroom practices around securing real engagement.(Wormeli,2014,p 27)
And also we should be aware of lack of tools or the tasks or worrying of failure in unmotivated student. We should consider other factors that we don't know and sometime we can't have any control on it. Maybe something is going on at home or they are challenging and struggling with some emotional or physical changes.
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Conclusion There is no such a thing as laziness. Children are developmentally ready for learning things that are intellectually and physically advanced . (Wormeli,2014,p.27) If a student looks unengaged or unmotivated it might be lack of the tools or having difficulties at home.
It's not always possible to make learning customize for s student and differentiation is hard to do. And teachers would probably need to have smaller class size which is more expensive. They also need more time and resources to develop lesson plans and customization. It's inconvenient for adults because it requires more work and money. We can't ask for engaged learners when our policies and practices tend to focus on producing compliant learners.(Azzam,2014,p.14)
At some level, compliance is a lot easier for the people at the very top of an education system. It's a lot more convenient if you have compliant teachers and students. And management is all about getting compliance. But we need something beyond management. We have to create the conditions in which students can tap their own inner

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