Assess The Difference Between Visualisation And Critical Thinking

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Visualisation is a very powerful exercise to help people move towards their goal or target at an accelerated level. It is a method that has been used for thousands of years by people from all walks of life. It is thought by some researchers that even cave drawings of animals were made to help the hunter focus on what he had to kill the next day. Although this was a very basic technique, it was still a form of visualisation.

Today, many sportspeople and athletes have employed designated trainers purposefully to help them visualise their next highest achievement, whether that be a triple jumper going one inch further than their opponent, or a gymnast with the ability to hold a perfectly expressionless face whilst under great strain when performing
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Obviously, it is easier to look at the note and absorb all this information in a fraction of the time. Using this explanation as an example can be likened to how the mind absorbs information. This is why a visualisation can be more powerful than words alone.

One point of view is that the mind cannot determine the difference between the visualisation and the real thing, and if the mind believes what it sees, it begins to act accordingly. This is why irrational fears are experienced; a person can feel fear even if the thing that they are scared of isn't there. They feel the fear because their mind is reacting to the image in their mind rather than the real thing. Try the following exercise:


1. Close your eyes and imagine a table in front of you and on the table is a whole fresh lemon and a knife.
2. With your mind's eye, pick up the knife in one hand and hold the lemon in the other, but when you hold the lemon, really feel the cool texture, the weight and see it clearly.
3. Now cut into the lemon with the knife and see the spray of the juice, smell the acidic scent and feel the cool juice on your hand.
4. Now cut a slice of the lemon and hold it between your fingers and imagine it as if it is really there.
5. Now bite into the lemon slice and fully taste the lemon in your
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