Assess The Importance Of Caregiver's Well-In-Home Care Services

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Visiting Angels of Wilkes-Barre, PA is a locally owned and operated group that consists of caregivers who assist elderly people in their time of need. Their in-home care services are all about keeping your loved one comfortable in their home, and types of care provided include companion care, personal care, certified palliative care, dementia care, and more. Each of these senior care services requires its own special touch, and in the case of dementia care, there are a variety of tips that make a caregiver's visits more effective. In addition to helping the diagnosed and their families cope with symptoms, here are some ways caregivers can work toward preserving certain skills and functions: Improving Memory: While it's common for those with dementia to have difficulty recalling everything from events to basic functions, caregivers can implement cognitive exercises to preserve memory recall. This could take the form of cards with pictures of everyday objects, or even the…show more content…
Household chores like doing the dishes or laundry provide reassurance, and the energy expended should help their typically restless sleep. Verbal Skill Preservation: While it varies from person to person, the loss of verbal skill is often one of the first signs of dementia. One of the services a caregiver can provide is much-needed social engagement, helping them live their life fully through connection and communication. In later stages, caregivers might need to offer new means of connecting beyond verbal communication, but the intent remains the same. There are so many aspects to dementia care, and a great deal of it might seem overwhelming to both patient and caregiver. Thankfully, Visiting Angels will be there for you and your loved ones when they need it most. Visit their website for more information, and give them a call at (570)
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