Assess The Importance Of Feedback In Student Education

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Reporting to both students and parents/carers is an important skill and part of being a teacher. Reporting to students in the form of feedback is a critical element of the learning cycle. Incorporating a range of effective strategies for providing students with feedback can advance students’ understanding and development. Lacing instruction with correctional feedback will result in the production of new instruction (Hattie & Timperley, 2007, p.82). The combination of instruction and feedback gives students the next step they need to take to develop a deeper understanding. For feedback to provide any meaning to students it must link to the task at hand and be provided in a timely manner. Sadler, as cited in Hattie and Timperley (2007, p.82) point out that feedback should provide students with a stepping-stone from what they understand to what is to be understood. The feedback given to students to bridge the gap between…show more content…
Parents/carers are also invested in the development of student education. The aspects of their child’s education that parents/carers are interested in are the progress they are making, their strengths and weaknesses, their development in comparison to other children and what they can do at home to help (Cohen et al., as cited in Kivunja, 2015, p.385). It is the teachers’ responsibility to keep parents/carers informed and attend to any concerns they may have. In addition to mid-year and end of year reports there are a number of strategies teachers can take to keep parents/carers informed. Readman and Allen (2013, p.159) have identified a phone call or letter home, or an entry into a student diary that is to be sighted and signed off by a parent/carer as some effective strategies to report students’ progress. It is important for teachers to communicate through these strategies to keep parents/carers aware of their child’s progress and there are no surprises when reports are sent
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