Assess The Importance Of Metabolic Hormones

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Hormones are regulatory substances produced by the body in response to a particular situation related to survival. In relation to metabolism, there are anabolic hormones and there are catabolic hormones.
Anabolic hormones are those that influence the intake of sources, formation of energy and its storage while catabolic hormones are those that influence the extraction (digestion), usage of energy, and mobilization of stored energy. Metabolism is measured through time and referred to as Metabolic
Rate and defined as the amount of energy produced and used by the body per unit of time and estimated by measuring the amount of oxygen used per minute by the body. Basal Metabolic Rate is the energy needed by the body at rest and supports biological activities. To gain or lose weight the daily
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To gain weight an individual must increase his input even without changing his expenditures, but to lose weight, the individual must not only adjust his intake but must increase physical activity to further increase his demand for energy to give the body no opportunity to store but more demands to activate and mobilize stores.
Decreasing intake does not necessarily end with weight loss but adding
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