Assess The Individual In A Health And Social Care Setting

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Assess the individual in a health and social care setting
1. Understand assessment processes
1.1 Compare and contrast the range and purpose of different forms of assessment
There are many forms I use to assess an individual’s needs. The first bit of the information comes from Derby City Council, which is called a outcome based support assessment. This is what they use to identify someone’s needs and how much care they require. The information on this document is great for Derby City to use, but I also need to do my own and adapt it so it’s easier for a care worker to understand as they are the ones who will be doing the care. It’s important that I read this document before going out to do my own care plan as it gives me a bit of back
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I also work closely with local pharmacies and doctors around the changing of a person’s medication. It’s important that we work closely together to ensure that the service user is having the correct medication at all times.

2. Be able to lead and contribute to assessments
2.1 Initiate early assessment of the individual

I always ensure that care plans and assessments are completed within the first day of a service user moving into Sunnyfield so the care workers know exactly what is required of them whilst at the call. It is also important that the care worker knows any medical history re the service user before undertaking any tasks with them.

2.2 Support the active participation of the individual in shaping the assessment process

Whilst undertaking the initial assessment, I always make sure that the service user is present and make sure that I am talking to them as opposed to about them with a family member or friend that also may be present. If I am doing an assessment with the service user who has Dementia or Alzheimer’s then again, I ensure that I am asking them what they would like, how they would like the care to progress and what they want to achieve from having care works. If they are unable to answer then I will look to the family for guidance, but it is important to make the service involved in their own care planning and assessment process

2.3 Undertake assessments within the boundaries of own role

Whilst I am trained by my
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