Assess The Planning For Accreditation

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Assess the planning for Accreditation in your chosen facility. Hospitals are on continuous mission for quality improvement; utilizing new technology, techniques, and research on what works and what does not, as well as persistently training new personnel and meeting the needs of patients. Still, hospitals are devoted to quality improvement but follow different courses, which support increasing observance to treatment etiquette and improve patient outcomes. Hospitals make the most of different approaches and models of quality improvement, such as the use of Lean, Six Sigma (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2008/2016), and the PlanDo-Study-Act (Ibach, 2009) models for improvement. Usually quality improvement efforts are a five step process which…show more content…
However, on December 3, 2013 the Joint Commission Resources publicized the release of the “The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety (Joint Commission Resources, 2016; The Joint Commission, 2015),” which featured an article on how the Johns Hopkins Hospital notably improved performance on Joint Commission accountability measures. The hospital was recognized by the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures® program (Keroack et al., 2007) for using evidence-based care processes that are delivered in the right way and at the right time (Joint Commission Resources, 2013). Conversely, in December 2011, the Johns Hopkins leadership began the initiative by clarifying and communicating goals, announcing that their target was 96% compliance with eight Joint Commission accountability measures (The Joint Commission, 2015) and one Delmarva Foundation core measure (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2008/2016; Michaels, & Sidone, 2014). Clinicians and quality improvement personnel produced one team for each targeted measure and the organization’s Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality (Armstrong, & Laschinger, 2006; Armstrong, Laschinger, & Wong, 2009) personnel supported the work of the teams (Chang et al., 2005; Joint Commission Resources, 2013). Next, the organization performed a gap study to prioritize improvement efforts and begin building capability using Lean Sigma
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