Assess The Planning For Accreditation

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Assess the planning for Accreditation in your chosen facility. Hospitals are on continuous mission for quality improvement; utilizing new technology, techniques, and research on what works and what does not, as well as persistently training new personnel and meeting the needs of patients. Still, hospitals are devoted to quality improvement but follow different courses, which support increasing observance to treatment etiquette and improve patient outcomes. Hospitals make the most of different approaches and models of quality improvement, such as the use of Lean, Six Sigma (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2008/2016), and the PlanDo-Study-Act (Ibach, 2009) models for improvement. Usually quality improvement efforts are a five step process which includes: identifying target areas for improvement; determining which process can be tailored to improve outcomes; developing and executing efficient strategies to improve quality; track performance and outcomes; and distribute results to encourage extensive quality improvement. Conversely, hospitals are making organized efforts to collaborate with other hospitals to improve patient safety and reduce adverse events. As a result, forming efficient strategies and distributing learned behaviors, hospital leaders have encouraged memorable improvements in care delivery and patient outcomes at the national, state and regional levels. These efforts have led to better quality and patient safety, as well as reduced health care costs; nevertheless,

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