Assess Your Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Relation to Each Interaction

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M3- Assess your communication and interpersonal skills in relation to each interaction. As part of my M3 I will write a report to review and assess my communication and interpersonal skills during each interaction within my P5 and P6. I will discuss factors such as tone of voice and non-verbal communication. I will also highlight my strengths such as my ability to make a service user feel at ease and my weaknesses such as miscommunication due to misunderstandings. During my time at Magherafelt Day Centre I was interacting one to one with the service users and staff as well as group interaction with the service users. When I was down at the main floor I would interact a lot with a man who had severe special needs. I found interacting…show more content…
I found that non verbal communication was the best way to interact with this woman and also to make her feel a sense of peace and ease. At the beginning I used hand gestures mostly such as pointing to objects to see if that was what she wanted however as the weeks went on I discovered that she enjoyed the sense of being touched and therefore I was often given the opportunity to paint her nails and massage her hands. ‘You may need to use some hand gestures to make yourself understood. Pointing or demonstrating can help. Touching and holding the persons hand may help keep their attention and them that you care.’ accessed 14/4/15. Knowing the best way to calm this service user when she was frustrated really gave me an advantage during communication and made her feel comfortable around me. This I felt was such a strength as it made not just the service user but myself comfortable and relaxed. I experienced a cultural barrier when I was working down in the main floor as one of the service users was Indian. Trying to communicate with this man was a weakness for me as I had never been put in this type of situation before. I was aware that in his culture eye contact was considered disrespectful and I always tried my best
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