Assess sociological explanations of science and ideology as belief systems

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Assess sociological explanations of science and ideology as belief systems (33 marks)
A belief system is a set of ideas that a person uses to make sense of the world around us. Science can be defined as a way of looking at the natural world, which is systematic, objective and capable of generating universal laws. Ideology is a systematic set of beliefs, which serve the interests of a social group in society. It is often associated with the ‘power’ and the ability of those at the top of the society to put forward their own ideas as right. These ideas could be distorted, partially true and put forward for a purpose.
Science has had a huge impact on society in the past few centuries with medicines curing disastrous diseases and the growing
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However, ideologies are used to describe secular ideas, belief systems are used when speaking about religious ideas and ideologies usually have negative connotations whereas belief systems have positive.
It can be argued that ideology is a belief system as Marxist would argue religion is an ideology. Marxists argue that society is divided into two opposed classes, the minority capitalist who own the means of production and the majority property less working class who have to sell their labour. This shows that ideology is a belief system as the ruling class stop the poor from becoming successful, therefore the poor start to believe that they cannot become successful.
Feminists see gender inequality as the fundamental division and patriarchal ideology as playing a key role in legitimising it as gender differences are a feature in all societies. Many ideologies exist to justify these gender inequalities. An example of this is the belief that women should either be virgins or whores; this is shown through Mary Magdalene. This is also reinforces the idea that women are sexual objects. This also shows that ideology can be a belief system in terms of beliefs and ideas about women and how people believe that women are inferior to men.
Mannheim sees all belief systems as being partial
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