Assess the Extent to Which the Wilson Government Achieved Its Objectives by 1970

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Assess the extent to which the Wilson Government achieved its objectives by 1970
To assess the Wilson Government which ran from the years 1964 to 1970 you have to look at what the Labour government promised to achieve if they won the election in 1964. You have to look at what the changes the Wilson government brought forward in their time in office and how the personalities of its politician’s effects decisions made. The election campaign in 1964 was a close run contest even though there was a low public approval of the current Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home. The labour party only won a majority of 3 seats. The reason for the decline in support for the Conservative party was because of events and scandals such as the Profumo affair
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It was created because the treasury was seen with being strongly conservative and the high ranks of the Labour Party considered this as key to Britain’s economic failure. The Idea seemed a successful resolution as France was working on a more planned economy also and had much higher GDP growth rate. However the reality showed that the government failed in its objectives. Ironically the problem of this “Super Department” was that it wasn’t planned prior to its introduction. As George Brown stated “I think it is a pity that we didn’t produce a ‘Blueprint’ setting out precisely what we wanted to achieve”. The treasury also went out of its own way to make the work of the new department fail, reports suggested that Brown’s phone was bugged to allow the Treasury to keep track of the dealings he made and the dealings of the office. Even though these difficulties Brown still produced the ‘National Plan’ which aimed at the economic targets set out in the General Election of 1964. It was an achievement to create this plan which aimed at stimulating industrial production and exports by encouraging cooperation between the government, employers and trade unions. It was a success that the plan was drafted however it was a failed attempt. The grand expansion targets set out in the plan were not met because at the time it was
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