Assess the Impact of Key Influences on the Personal Learning Processes on Own Learning.

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There are many factors that can have an influence on my learning. One of them is my friends. My friends can influence my learning by distracting me during lessons and also by helping me to catch up on work. In some ways, friends can motivate me because they encourage me to do my work and to get my assignments done on time. They also motivate me because they assist me with my work when I need it instead of waiting to ask a tutor which cannot be done as easily; I can easily call a friend. Friends have a positive influence on me because they are aware of the things that I am doing so that they know what I should be working on, mainly because my friends are all doing the same course as me. A negative affect that they have on my learning is…show more content…
Employment can have a positive effect on my learning because it motivates me to do the best I can so that I can achieve my career goals. It would also benefit me because if I was employed with a part time job, I could have money that I would buy nice things with. I enjoy luxury things so by getting a snippet of what I can buy with the money I’m already earning can be a motivator for me to do well so that I can get a proper job and earn a lot more money which means having nicer things which I would enjoy and be my reward for doing well. Informal learning is the things that we learn in our day to day life. They don’t necessarily have to be taught (formal learning) but we do learn them. We do this by figuring things out by ourselves. (Jeffs, T. and Smith, M. K) Informal learning has taught me a lot more things about the world and why things happen. It’s where I’ve learnt most of my general knowledge. I can work out why things happen due to things that are related to it. An example is me discovering that my eyelid primer that I use for my eye-shadow and eye make-up is sticky. Because it is sticky, the powder will stick to it which is why it stays on for extended periods of time. Using this logic, it can also work for my powder foundation if I put my eye shadow primer on my face after my foundation so then my powder will stick to it and make

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