Assess the Impact of the Industrial Revolution in England on the Atlantic World

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The industrial revolution according to Neil Tonge in his historical account ‘challenging history- industrialization and society 1700 – 1914,’ can be classified as a change in industrial technology, organization of labourers, transport, and finance and business operation. In ‘A history of the western society, fourth edition,’ referred to it as the total change from agrarian society to a mechanized or complex society. The impact of the revolution on England and the entire Atlantic world was immense. This essay seeks to discuss various effects of the revolution on all aspects of development in the countries involved. Trade was influential to the industrial process. Neil Tonge described it as the wealth of the world. It makes the difference…show more content…
This resulted in demographic changes in the host country and the base country. Population increased in the host and decreased in the base. The creation of industry also saw the small business going out of existence. The large factories produced goods at a cheaper unitary cost and proved to be a thorn in the flesh of small businesses. The law of the jungle was now in full effect, only the huge industrial powers were reaping the profits of the industrial period. The industrial revolution saw the specialization of labourers. Persons were now concentrating on one area of work. This made labour monotonous. The result was mass production. Mass production saw large amounts of goods being produced, making goods cheaper, readily available and in large quantities, resulting in huge profits for industrialists and cheaper commodities for consumers. Workers all over were highly underpaid but they were in most cases receiving more liquid cash than they ever received. The industrial revolution had far reaching consequences on the industries involved. The craft industry in Africa was seriously injured by the intervention of the Europeans. The Europeans took African craft from Africa and sold them in Britain as novelty, with the profit reaped by the traders. The Africans with knowledge of making the craft were taken away from the plantation and brought to the west as slaves and they came to the west with the know how to create these

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