Assess the Individual in a Health and Social Care Setting Essay

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Unit 518 Assess the individual in a health and social care setting Compare and contrast the range and purpose of different forms of assessment The assessment process is the back bone to any package of care and it is vital that it is personal and appropriate to the individual concerned. Although studies have found that there is no singular theory or understanding as to what the purpose of assessment is, there are different approaches and forms of assessment carried out in health and social care. These different approaches can sometimes result in different outcomes. One method of assessment used is a holistic approach. To assess an individual in a holistic manner is to see that individual for more than just their functioning body,…show more content…
The next stage is to implement the care package, ensuring all the care staffs involved are made aware of the individuals’ needs and preferences. After 6 weeks we would then review the care package, making any adjustments if required, and following that the care package would be reviewed again in 12 months. If for any reason there was a change to the individuals needs or situation then a review would be carried out at an earlier date in order to address the change. Research was carried out by ‘Smale et al (1993)’ which suggested three different models of assessment. One model was the ‘Questioning Model’ which suggests that the assessor leads the process by questioning the individual and developing a more ‘service led’ assessment. Another model is the ‘Procedural Model’. I believe this method would be used more commonly be social workers when means testing an individual for a suitable care package. The ‘Procedural Model’ is based on a set of criteria and checklists which a professional would carry out based on the needs of the individual. I do not feel that this method would be appropriate for setting up a care package in a domiciliary setting as it is not person centred friendly. The final model that was

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