Assess the Role of the Tsar in the Fall of the Tsarist Regime

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Assess the role of the Tsar in the fall of the Tsarist Regime. In Russia, Tsarism had been the system of government since 1547, the country being ruled as an autocracy. For many years the Tsars had been powerful, strong and had the qualities needed to be a great leader, though in 1917, the Tsarist regime came to an end, with Nicholas Romanov II as the country’s current monarch. Tsar Nicholas played a great role in the fall of Tsarism; his incompetency and lack of leadership skills lead to downfall and created a communist Russia. Nicholas made many mistakes which triggered the collapse, which include failure to make the duma work and address the October Manifesto, his role in World War 1 and his decline in authority and support.…show more content…
Nicholas went into battle entirely unprepared for what was to come, relying on the large numbers of the defense forces; he did not account for any other aspects of the war. By late 1914, there were already high casualty rates and it was clear that they were fighting a losing war; the Russian army was fighting a twentieth century battle with ninetieth century training and weaponry. Due to poor financial planning the Tsar sent men into battle with inadequate supplies, there were only enough rifles for two thirds of the whole army, many soldiers were not given the adequate clothing needed to survive the harsh weather and there were food shortages all over the nation, this meant that if the men didn’t die in battle they would surely either freeze or die of starvation. In addition to the many hardships of the soldiers on the battlefield, peasants also found it difficult to survive the many months. There were extreme food shortages all over the nation which resulted in price increases averaging 300%, and though wages increased the living standards dropped with many having to constantly withstand malnutrition and unsanitary conditions. Nicholas played a major role in the fall of the Tsarist Regime in Russia, through his poor leadership skills and naivety he caused one of the biggest government falls in the history of Russia. While

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