Assess the View That Gender Differences in Achievement Are Largely the Result of Changes in the Education System

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10th April 2012 Assess the view that gender differences in achievement are largely the result of changes in the education system There is a lot of compelling evidence to support the view that changes in the education system has resulted in differences in educational achievement between males and females. There is no denying that the statistics show girls are outperforming boys at every level in education, but the question is whether this is largely related to changes in the assessment process and the way each of the genders is educated or whether there are other factors causing the differences. One change that occurred in the education system was the move from the tripartite schooling system to the comprehensive system which…show more content…
A further possibility in explaining the differences in educational achievement in regard to educational system changes could be the phasing out of more practical subjects that have historically been advantageous for boys, the majority of whom are kinaesthetic learners and do better with this type of examination. In the past where subjects such as woodwork or design technology consisted of largely practical assessments (making or designing things); they now consist more of exams which probably do not suit boy as much as the practical, kinaesthetic way of learning and being assessed. This can be said for many other traditional subjects, such as the sciences, which used to contain more actual experimentation that students would be graded on, but has now become more exam based. Girls on the other hand learn better either through visualising or listening which could favour them in exams. This could be the reason why girls, when these sorts of subjects were more practical didn’t do as well as boys, but since the changes, have enabled them to do better than the boys. Arguing against Madsen Pirie on this matter are feminists that believe Madsen Pirie and other theorists that believe the gender differences are down to the factors mentioned above are just trying to find any reason to explain why boys are disadvantaged in the education system instead of just accepting that girls are doing better in education for other reasons as
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