Assess the View That Religion Is a Source of Instability and Conflict

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Assess the view that religion is a major source of instability and conflict in society today Religion has held an important role in society since the beginning of civilisation and it has such power over people’s minds and shape the way our world developed. Whilst some sociological theories such as functionalist sees religion as performing a positive function in society as it can lead to social solidarity, integrating people into society, other sociological theories such as Marxist and Feminist totally disagrees with this and would argue that religion leads to instability and conflict in society. Karl Marx a Marxist sees religion as an illusion and that the phenomenon of religion is part of what Marx refers to as an alienation of people…show more content…
Women are also not allowed to touch the Quran when they are in their period. Holm describes this as the devaluation of women in contemporary religion. Also the fact that in the sacred texts, there are mainly features of male gods, prophets and there are not a lot of women in the scriptures, and if there is, it is only anti-stories about them such as the story of Adam and Eve, eve being the woman and the deceiver and the story of Mary Magdalene the prostitute. Finally religious laws and customs give women fewer rights than men for example in divorce and how many spouses that they can marry. Simone De Beauvoir sees religion as oppressive to women and used by men to control women. She argues that religion compensates women for their second class status and they get a false belief that they will be rewarded in heaven and gain equality there. All these explanations show how religion promotes social conflict and oppression in society. Despite highlighting the true reality that some religions treat men and women differently, Feminist however, have been criticised based on the ground that they were being too deterministic as not all religions are patriarchal for example in most religions such as some Christianity for example protestant or evangelical treat women as equal to men and women are allowed to
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