Assess the claim that God created Humanity for a purpose Essay

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‘Assess the claim that god created humanity for a purpose’ It can be argued that god did create humanity for a purpose, as why would he endow us with sense, reason and intellect if he intended us to forgo their use? It therefore logically follows that we must have some purpose, hidden or not that we are expected to fulfil, also why would the bible detail the creation of humans in such detail as is demonstrated in genesis 2, why would god, in this story, prioritise mankind over all others when the purpose if said entities is made apparent as animals are made to feed man, so if god endeavoured to assign a purpose to those supposedly subservient to mankind, why would he not give a purpose for mankind to fulfil, why also, according to the…show more content…
However this is also subject to a counter argument, as perhaps it could be argued that god has endowed us with intellect, so perhaps we are supposed to use that intellect to discern what our purpose is, in my personal opinion, it is naïve to suggest that mankind has a singular purpose, as I believe that our purpose is ever-changing and exists in a constant state of flux, as our purpose cannot be simply to worship god, or to reproduce, no, I believe that mankind does not have a singular purpose as such, as is implied in the question, as would god not have endowed us simply with the qualities necessary in order to fulfil a singular purpose, therefore unless said purpose was extremely intricate in its guidelines, we would have been left with qualities missing, as if our purpose was simply to worship god, why would god give us the sense of knowledge that leads us to question his very existence, would it not be beneficial for him to limit us in our intellect, that we will flourish as a species but not be granted the capability for critical analysis which leads us to doubt
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