Assess the importance of federal government in the advancement of African American civil right.

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Assess the importance of federal government in advancement of African American civil rights in the period 1865-1992. Throughout this period, African American civil rights made a massive progress. Although for any progress to be made, federal government needed to implement new laws and legislations, but usually, government were not keen to act and in some cases actually made little impact on the civil rights movement. The African Americans themselves pushed the government to make changes through the leadership of the organisations set up, that led to the change in the civil rights that they eventually gained. The presidents themselves never really showed any support towards the African American civil rights movement, because many had…show more content…
Supreme court, was often considered the only option for organisations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured Peoples (NAACP), however this was always a lengthy process. Although it was the most lenient of federal systems to African American civil rights and the most subject to change. Between 1937 and 1941, seven of the nine justices were changed my Roosevelt causing verdicts for blacks to begin to change. Many trials were carried out in this period that actually allowed African Americans to make advances with civil rights like the Linda Brown case of 1954, which ended segregation in schools. The final federal authority, Congress, showed the least amount of support for the advancement in African American civil rights. It was normally run by Southern Democrat majorities that were unmoved by any pressure for change in laws. And although presidents such as Kennedy and Roosevelt were in favour of equal civil rights for blacks, they were often preoccupied with other matters to force congress to pass any legislations, who were always very much against change. However it has to be considered, that the African Americans and the organisations themselves were more important in the advancement of blacks gaining their civil rights. The African Americans, always seemed to have a strong leader, all the way back to Booker. T Washington, who was one of the first people to lead the blacks in their civil rights movement in 1865. It

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