Assess the potential environmental impact of a proposed construction project on the local natural environment.

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Unit 2 M1
Assess the potential environmental impact of a proposed construction project on the local natural environment.
Potential construction project for The City of Liverpool College - LAX
Author: Matthew Ellis
I have been asked to put together a report for the potential construction project for The City Of Liverpool College. The current site being looked at is on Roscoe Street. I will be discussing the consequences which could occur to the buildings in proximity to the site location, and the people who could be affected.
During this part of the report, I will be discussing what problems could occur during each phase (pre-construction, construction, post construction) and how you can go about preventing this from
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Natural habitats:
A natural habitat is where a living being lives, for example, we live in our homes, birds live in trees/nests. As this is a city, there isn't many places where animals can live. Birds can build the nests and bats can live in buildings, but in terms of forestry for example, there isn't much for an animal. So it isn't necessary to go into depth about this.
During the construction phase, there will be a lot happening all over. This may vary from the actual erecting of the building, to the transport of goods, to the extraction of materials needed, etc. There will be a lot of damage done to the o-zone layer, a lot of habitat and biodiversity destroyed, amongst other things.
Transport of goods:
The transport of good is when materials that are needed for the building are transported to the site, generally by vehicles. The problem with this is there would be a lot of materials needed to supply this project. Nitrogen oxide is formed when the combustion of fuels takes place. Vehicles use fuels (oil) as a source of power, which then releases nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, which is what is destroying our atmosphere. In the UK, this is the biggest pollutant we release. And it is done mostly by cars.
Nitrogen oxide, when exposed over a long duration of time, can decrease lung function and also increase the chance of getting bronchitis, cough or phlegm, which is more likely to come into
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